Upernaviarsuk experimental farm

The Upernaviarsuk experimental farm is the Greenlandic government's research and training center for the agricultural sector. The farm is located approx. 7 kilometers east of Qaqortoq, and all transport to and from the facility is by boat. This takes place in an area in the outer fjord region, which is free of ice during the winter months, but often blocked by large quantities of pack ice during the spring.

The operation at Upernaviarsuk features agricultural research and training in a sub and low Arctic region. This covers a wide range of topics, focusing within the area of animal husbandry on the economically important area of sheep farming. Upernaviarsuk is developing systematic sheep farming methods, including activities within the scope of the Icelandic "Fjarvis" program and feeding research.

In addition, smaller herds of cattle and horses are raised at the farm, mostly for instructional purposes. Planned research with dairy cows and
a micro-dairy have been postponed indefinitely due to a lack of funding.

Within the area of plant cultivation, research is conducted with various perennial types of grasses for the production of hay and silage, including experiments with annual feed crops such as grains, primarily rye, barley and oats, as well as ryegrass and varieties of the cabbage family.
In addition, a certain amount of research is conducted in the area of general vegetable cultivation and horticulture at the farm's gardens and nursery, including developing herbaceous perennials, bushes and trees
for private and public gardens.

There is a small agricultural school at Upernaviarsuk. Participants work at the farm in teams of between 3 and 7 at a time, while the others are away at internships on farms in Greenland, Iceland and Norway. Upernaviarsuk has a staff of four, including an agricultural instructor/manager, a head of operations,
a cook and a gardener.

Upernaviarsuk agricultural school
P.O Box 152
3920 Qaqortoq
Phone: +299 64 93 06 / +299 64 93 03 + local number

Upernaviarsuk agricultural school belongs to Inuili
Phone: +299 66 13 13
E-mail: inuili@inuili.gl